Friday, 8 March 2013


Wait, two blog posts on two consecutive days? What fresh devilment is this? No, it's true, I've actually written stuff two days on the bounce! And it's not just so I can get a head start on outblogging Simon as I threw the gauntlet pretty much right at him yesterday. That may well come to bite me on the bottom...


So anyway I've had an interesting few weeks. I've had a temporary new role at work that was completely different to my normal job, which mainly revolves around pushing heavy things round, working evenings and weekends, getting dirty, and swearing. The new role was office-based, 9-5, no weekends, working for the regional management team as PA. I massively enjoyed it, got some good feedback from my boss (the regional Head of HR *dusts shoulders*) and I hope very much that it will lead to interestingness in the future. Scarily, after years and years of working nights I took to working in the mornings very quickly and actually enjoyed it a LOT. But it's back to reality next week, at least for the time being. I do miss the physical nature of my old job, a bit, and I'm certainly looking forward to scaring my body into losing some more weight. When I hit 15st 0lb again, which will be soon, there shall be another fatblog, and much rejoicing.


Now when I knew I was getting this gig I went and spent a bit of money on clothes because of, you know, reasons, knowing full well that it would mean I wouldn't be able to get the iPad Mini I promised myself for Christmas. Fine, I thought, I get paid at the end of the stint and I'll get it then. Sadly, having just done the sums with correct adding up this time, it turns out I can't get an iPad Mini this month either. Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part. I know that I'm going to be able to afford it next month but there have been creditable whispers that the iPads are getting upgraded in April and if the iPad Mini gets a hefty bump then I'm going to end up waiting until they're released and available before I can get one, which may be May. I am destined to never have the things I want...

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Wistful boy is wistful. And hot.

Crashing on… One of the things I have been doing this week, on my week of rest, is dipping my toe into the YouTube pool. Obviously I've heard about the ├╝ber-popular 'Tubers like Charlie McDonnell but I've started actually watching some of the stuff he and his Tuberati contemporaries are putting out. And it's not just because a lot of them are young and cute. All of the popular ones are funny and talented and they put out some very cool stuff. Some of them remind me of the kind of kids I hung around with in college so there's a bit of sort of projected nostalgia going on too. Click this to go to my list of stuff I'm subscribed to on the YouTubes. I'm half-tempted to have a go at "vlogging" to be honest, what with me being witty and knowledgable and attractive and what have you. And I'm reasonable at knocking videos together too, I've done a few for work and I enjoy making them. The key thing seems to be have something interesting to say and say it in an interesting way and if you do it for a while and get good and get popular they give you money, which is nice.


One thing that one of the chaps off the YouTube has done is called Lifescouts. I love this idea, Lifescouts is like scouting but for everyone, not just for kids. You get badges for collecting life experiences like skydiving and swimming with dolphins. You can even get actual badges, not just internet graphics! Maybe tomorrow I'll do a blog post about the badges I've earned which is not many as I don't really have a life to have experiences with. And then that will be three whole posts in a consecutive fashion!