Wednesday, 1 May 2013

#BEDM Day 1: My Life In 250 Words Or Less


Below being the first of my Blog Every Day In May posts which, I will have you know, is exactly 250 words. Count them. COUNT THEM. I also have an iPad mini, Iron Man 3 and McFly to talk about so there are probably going to be some interstitial posts floating about over the next few days too. Any questions or comments please feel free below or harass me on the twitters!


The blog post in which I list what I'll be doing and who else is having a bash can be found here.


I was born in the North, in the winter of 1979, at quite short notice. The ambulance my mother was in got stuck behind an Armistice Day parade and I have been consumed with impatience ever since. I had a normal, happy and relatively uneventful childhood, of which I have almost no recollection. I went to the same school in Rotherham that was on that Jamie Oliver programme, but all that didn't kick off until well after I left. I was clever at school (grading on a curve, anyway) and geeky and quickly fell in with others like me. I rapidly went full-nerd, and never looked back.


I went to college and studied English and Computing. I won 1st prize in a poetry competition. I met people who I'm not in contact with any more but who had a massive impact on me and how I see myself, and that's where it started dawning on me that I kinda like boys. I started working for a large High Street store and then went to university which didn't come off quite as planned and which is where I realised that I'm actually a stereotypical highly capable under-achiever. Then my Dad died, and that knocked me on my arse for a good long while. A couple of relationships, a massive amount of self-inflicted debt and a highly taxing, physical job with unsocial hours and you are pretty much up to speed. I look forward to my life beginning in approximately two years.